Can Fibroids Affect My Pregnancy?

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on fibroids during pregnancy because they may grow larger and create complications. Only 2-12% of pregnant women have fibroids and if they do grow, it will most likely be during the first 12 weeks.

Fibroids affect many women, often at an age when they are trying to get pregnant. Research shows that the rate at which fibroids alone cause infertility is quite low and most often related to submucosal fibroids.

If you think you have fibroids, you should see your doctor for a diagnosis and, if found, have an assessment of their size, number and location. If you have fibroids and you and your partner are having problems getting pregnant, you should both have a fertility work-up to look at all possible causes including fibroids.

Whether it is worth seeking treatment for fibroids before other treatments such as  in vitro fertilization (IVF)depends on your unique situation. Your doctor can help you evaluate the options that are best for you.

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