F O U N D E R ’ S  S P E E C H

I see our customers as invited guests at a party. As the host, it is our utmost duty to ensure that all our customers enjoy every bit of their visit.

My name is Dr. Olajuwon Alabi, a Consultant, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, The CEO and Medical Director of South Shore Women’s and Children’s Hospital and Bloom Fertility Clinic.

When I returned from England in 2010, I worked with a few hospitals in Nigeria. I, however, observed that most of these hospitals were resistant to changes at that time and showcased some level of unmitigated management processes. I felt I needed more in terms of efficiency and I believed that the Healthcare industry had moved from a just diagnose-fix mentality to a preventive healthcare mentality. Hence, the inspiration to establish South Shore Women’s and Children’s Hospital, with the desire to provide a satisfactory holistic experience to the customers.

I would admit that it has been quite challenging running a healthcare business in Nigeria and we must acknowledge that these healthcare challenges varies and ranges from the rising healthcare costs to cybersecurity, to staffing shortages and the unhealthy rivalry in the sectoras many healthcare institutions do not have the resources and facilities to offer complete treatment and more often, some specialists work in isolation as well as access to finance. Nevertheless, we have been determined to maintain our corporate value from inception to the future.

Interestingly, we started South Shore Women’s and Children’s Hospital with a small office in 2012, now we have two large locations in Lagos. Alongside, we established Bloom Fertility Clinic three years ago, and we are now headed to more expansions.



It is important to say that the magic key to leading SSWCH and Bloom Fertility Clinic to consecutive victories has been through sustainable development which has gradually improved us from nought to a hundred dedicated trained staff (professional and non professionals), and renowned physicians caring for over for thousands of clients. Today, we do not only offer restorative services but a gamut of services focused on wellness and preventive health solutions for all age groups.

Success to me is ensuring that our customers do not only leave the facility happy but also share the quality experience they received while in our care. We have been able to achieve this through the ethics that runs through our organization with a vision of providing specific specialist healthcare service using an international standard built on expertise.

I am certainly proud to be part of an establishment in the center of excellence. My sincere gratitude goes to all those who continually trust and support our continuous growth. You mean a lot to us and we pledge to continue to offer the best services you deserve.