Shedding Light on Endometriosis: March is Endometriosis Awareness Month!   As we all know, March is Endometriosis awareness month, and at South Shore Women’s and Children’s Hospital, we are committed to raising awareness about this often misunderstood and under diagnosed condition that affects millions of women worldwide. What is Endometriosis? Endometriosis is a chronic and […]

Hi all, We sincerely hope you are beginning to understand how our body functions as regards our reproductive system.  From our first article in this series on the ovaries – Don’t “Ovary-act”!  Know your body. , it is clear that the proper functioning of the ovaries depends to a large extent, on the interactions of […]

When surgery is the best option… In Nigeria, a lot of people are afraid of having surgical operations, even when it is absolutely indicated. For fear of surgery, many Nigerian women have chosen to live with and ‘manage’ their symptoms and problems, take oral medications and injections (for example to shrink fibroids or stop heavy […]

Five More Misconceptions About Fibroids Every woman with heavy periods or painful periods has fibroids: The most common problem caused by fibroids is heavy periods, and they can also cause periods to be painful. However, there are other gynecological conditions (examples are polyps, adenomyosis, or endometriosis) that can bring about the same symptoms. Anyone who notices […]

Five Misconceptions about fibroids A fibroid is a type of cancer: Fibroids are abnormal growths that occur in the uterus (womb) of females. While fibroids can grow bigger, they cannot spread to other parts of the body like the ovary or the lungs and cause damage there. This means that the issues that fibroids cause […]

Outpatient Hysteroscopy This is also referred to as “office hysteroscopy” and is a same day procedure. It is the visualization of the inside of the womb with a miniature camera (hysteroscope) passed through the neck of the womb (cervix). This is then projected on a TV screen for both the doctor and patient (if fully […]

Painful Ovulation (Mittelschmerz) Mittelschmerz is the pelvic and lower abdominal pain that some women experience during ovulation which usually occurs about midway between menstrual cycles. The pain of ovulation can range from a mild twinge to severe discomfort and usually lasts from minutes to hours. Symptoms Pain on one side of your lower abdomen (depending […]

MISCARRIAGE The term Miscarriage has been used to replace the old term called abortion which to a lay man could be referred to as illegal termination of pregnancy. Miscarriage is an unfortunate event in early pregnancy which has both psychological and emotional effect on the mother and the family in view of their expectation of […]