Pharm Nkem Idigo is the Head of Pharmacy department at South Shore Women & Children’s Hospital. She began her career as an intern at Military Hospital, Ikoyi, Lagos. Following her stellar performance during her internship, she was retained at Military Hospital for the compulsory one-year National Youth Service. At the end of the National Youth Service, she joined Reddington Hospital where she rose to the position of Acting Assistant Head of the Pharmacy Department in the year 2017. In the same year 2017, she joined South Shore where she has been till date.


Pharm Nkem is passionate about children and maternal health. She’s currently working on research that evaluates the role of pharmacists in curbing the menace of microbial resistance to antibiotics which is growing global health issue. She is also passionate about cancer research.

Pharm Nkem’s interest outside work includes travelling, going on hikes and recently has found love in proofreading articles and mentoring young pharmacy professionals.
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