We understand the importance of your child’s health and our Paediatrics team caters to your child with the utmost care.

We have highly experienced and qualified personnel including: Paediatricians, Neonatologist, Paediatric surgeons, Paediatric Cardiologist, Paediatric Neurosurgeons, Paediatric Nephrologist, Nutritionists and Paediatric Nurses who create a friendly and fun environment for your child to receive treatment and recuperate.

Services Offered include;

  • State-of-the-art Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
  • Routine Vaccination of children.
  • Routine check-ups and health education.
  • Paediatric lab and child friendly Radiology services.
  • Child evidence-based care with current curative services.
  • Respiratory, Sickle Cell, Neonatal, Neurology Clinic and Paediatric Surgical Clinics.