Fibroid Awareness 2019 | South Shore Women's and Children's Hospital
Fibroid Awareness 2019

Fibroid Awareness 2019


The Fourth Annual Scientific Seminar, Themed: Uterine Fibroid – Dispelling The Myth, Removing Stigma, held on the 29th of November 2019 at Access bank Hall, Oniru Road Lagos, with over 230 people in attendance. The event was organized by South Shore Women’s & Children’s Hospital in conjunction with Toke Makinwa Foundation and Bloom Fertility Clinic.


The goal of the event was to, enlighten and raise more awareness about Uterine Fibroids by dispelling the myths surrounding fibroids and removing the stigma.


Our moderator, Kemi Olawoye, anchored this very educative and insightful event.


Kemi Olawoye, (Moderator)


Dignitaries graced the event such as;

The First Lady of Ogun State, Her Excellency, Mrs Bamidele Abiodun who was the Special Guest of Honour.

 The First Lady of Ogun State, Her Excellency, Mrs Bamidele Abiodun.


We also had present at the event Special Guests, Toke Makinwa, Rita Dominic and Masidat Kassim (CEO Pink Divas) amongst others.


Special Guest and CEO South Shore Women’s & Children’s Hospital


Dr Olajuwon Alabi gave a welcome address, followed by a presentation about Fibroids, types of Fibroids, causes, treatments, myths, recommendations, etc. by Dr Mary Beke.


This was followed by a session where patients shared their various experiences, fibroid surgery journey then and now.


The moderator asked them, how they found out they had Fibroid;

One of them shared her story of how she noticed excessive flow during her period, went for a scan which confirmed that she had fibroids.

The patients also all shared the fear they’d experienced and how they coped with thoughts of not surviving fibroid.


One of the patients also shared how her pregnancy during those days she had Fibroids was a nightmare, before she met Dr Olajuwon Alabi and the South Shore team helped change the story. She also shared about how worried her family and friends were, when she decided to have the surgery in Nigeria over Canada, and thankfully it turned out to be a good story.


Another of the brave ladies, who told her story narrated how she battled with fibroids for twelve years. She likened herself to the woman with the issue of blood and recalled having at least three significant surgeries before being referred to South Shore where she had her final surgery. She further thanked Dr Olajuwon Alabi and the South Shore team for their professionalism and work ethics


Participants were encouraged to research well about the various Fibroid treatment options available in Nigeria and emphasized that having a Fibroid or Fibroids isn’t a death sentence as people think.


Old Patient and The CEO, South Shore Women’s and Children’s Hospital – Oyinkansola Ogundele,  Abisoye Junaid, Dr Olajuwon Alibi, The First Lady of Ogun State, Nneka Ogboi, Moderator


The session was an exciting but emotional one which ended with participants armed with the knowledge and information Dispelling The Myth and Removing Stigma associated with fibroids.



The fibroid awareness seminar also had an array of seasoned panelists made up of experienced and knowledgeable medical professionals such as;


  •  Dr Olajuwon Alabi (Director of Clinical Services and Consultant Gynaecologist,                                                                                       South Shore Women’s and Children’s Hospital)
  • Dr Nenoi Umeh (Chief Medical Director, Encee Medical Center)
  • Dr Habeebat, (Consultant Gynaecologist)
  • Dr Olufunmbi Makinde (Medical Director, South Shore Women’s and Children’s Hospital)
  • Dr Olawale Shittu (Fertility Specialist, Bloom Fertility Clinic)
  • Dr Mary Beke (Consultant, South Shore Women’s and Children’s Hospital)

Panelist and Our Special Guest- Toke Makinwa, Dr Habeebat, Dr Nenoi Umeh, Dr Olajuwon Alabi, The First Lady of Ogun State, Dr Mary Beke, Dr Olawale Shittu, Dr Olufunmbi Makinde.


The panelists were then asked a series of questions:


Why is Fibroid prevalent in this part of the world?

They explained that fibroid is not limited to this clime, but common among black people all over the world and has to do with our genre.


Why some women have Fibroid and wouldn’t know?

This can happen when the woman doesn’t exhibit any symptoms. Clarification that fibroid is an abnormal growth and not in any way related to Cancer was also made.


Dr Nenoi Umeh addressed the manifestations of fibroid. Loosely borrowing from her words, she said fibroids are unique in the way it expresses itself i.e Fibroid Manifestation occurs on account of each person’s genetic mutilation simply saying, fibroids grow or shows depending on the individual. 


Speaking on the effects of natural remedies to treat fibroids, Dr Makinde stated that scientifically, nothing has been proven which helps to naturally reduce the size of fibroids.


Dr Olajuwon Alabi explained the different techniques available to treat fibroids.  These are minimally invasive or open cut surgery (myomectomy). South Shore is equipped to perform both techniques depending on the diagnosis however minimally invasive surgical techniques limit the size of incisions needed and so lessen healing time, associated pain and risk of infection. 


In an interesting chat session, Dr Shittu talked about fibroid(s) and sexuality. He explained that large fibroids can produce pressure in the uterus and can cause intercourse to become painful.


Panelist Session – Dr Mary Beke, Dr Olawale Shittu, Dr Olufunmbi Makinde, (Moderator) Kemi Olawoye


The fibroid seminar had a very lively question and answer segment, where participants asked fibroid related questions.


Again, the seasoned panelists were able to debunk all myths related to fibroids.


One of the participants asked Dr Shittu if pregnancy shrinks fibroid. In clear terms, he stated that pregnancy does not shrink fibroid. He said sometimes the fibroid outgrows its blood supply and degenerate. This in fact can cause severe stomach pains. It is not the fibroid shrinking.


More questions came to Dr Shittu; for example, does fibroid block the fallopian tube? He clarified that the location of the fibroid could block the fallopian tubes. If the fibroid is close to the muscle, yes, it can block the fallopian tubes.


Dr Nenoi Umeh answered the question of what kind of food to eat after having a fibroid surgery. She stated there is no specific diet, but you are expected to have an overall healthy and balanced diet. 


The First Lady was not left out in the question and the answer segment. She also contributed to the discuss by asking, impacting questions on the topic. She asked a question relating to having severe period pains during the reproductive stage. The panelists shed more light on the topic where they confirmed that most women with fibroid experience more period pains in their reproductive stage. 


First Lady of Ogun State, Mrs Bamidele Abiodun asking a question at the seminar.


Toke Makinwa also shared her journey through fibroid and advised women to shun the stigma surrounding it. Toke also explained that her fibroid journey motivated her to start her foundation, which has contributed immensely to the society at large. Last year 2018 with the help of south shore the Toke Makinwa Foundation was able to support two women get free fibroid surgery.


The panelists really took time to demystify the concept of fibroid and the stigma surrounding it.

Next, Dr Olajuwon

Alabi explained the concept of fibroid support Nigeria. A foundation set up with the goal of providing free surgery to support women who genuinely cannot afford the cost of the surgery and have been diagnosed with fibroid in Nigeria.


The event was not all talk and no fun. Refreshments were served.

The raffle draw session saw participants go home with gifts such as bags, clothes etc. and even a year’s free treatment with South Shore was also up for grabs.


Raffle draw, The first Lady of Ogun state, picking the winners of the raffle draw


Raffle draw, Toke Makinwa calling out the winners of the raffle draw


An excited raffle draw winner


Winner of the TM Luxury bag, Raffle draw winner.


Lulu Lingerie made sure everyone went home smiling, with a gift pack.

Lulu Gift Bag

Lulu gift packs for every woman that attended the Fibroid Awareness Seminar.


The moment we all waited for came, The Free Scan. The South Shore team of doctors and nurses, with General Electric(GE) as one of the event sponsors executed this well and in an orderly manner. About 78 Interested attendees got their turn for the free scan!


Scanning in progress


Scanning in progress


Participants waiting for scansAwards were given to our Special Guests and Sponsors.


Access Bank Nigeria & W community, Receiving award of recognition for their support to the event


The Team of South Shore Presenting an Award to General Electric for their great support to the event.



The Team of South Shore Presenting an Award to Bloom Fertility Clinic their great support to the event.


     The Team of South Shore WCH Presenting an Award to Toke Makinwa & Toke Makinwa Foundation for their great support to the event.


Dr Olajuwon Alabi rounded up the event stating that South Shore Women’s and the Children’s Hospital is open to new ideas and suggestions.



      • Demystify the myth surrounding fibroid and educating the members of the society was the aim of this event.
      • Free Ultra Sound scan provided by South Shore.
      • Fibroid is not a death sentence
      • There are Fibroid treatment options in Nigeria
      • Fibroid Support Nigeria is a foundation set up to help give free surgeries to fibroid patients, indeed in need of it. 
      • Toke Makinwa shared her fibroid story, which inspired her to set up the Toke Makinwa foundation and partner with South Shore to help women, remove the stigma surrounding fibroid. 
      • Raffle draw, Refreshments, Question and Answer.


All our sponsors played a vital role in bringing this event to life and making it a huge success.

Toke Makinwa Foundation, Bloom Fertility Clinic, Fibroid Support Nigeria, Lulu Lingerie, Beyond Taste foods, General Electric, BeiBei Haven, Access Bank Nigeria, W community, Bella Naija, Pink Divas Clothes (Masidat Kassim), All she needs.


We at South Shore Women’s & Children’s Hospital would like to say a big thank you to everyone who took out time to attend The Fourth Annual Scientific Seminar, Themed: Uterine Fibroid – Dispelling The Myth, Removing Stigma, and we look forward to inviting you to the next one.


South Shore Women’s and Children’s Hospital Team


If you missed this year’s seminar, please plan to attend the next one. (date to be advised)


Please share your opinions, ask questions, and interact with us today. You can drop your comments in the comment session below. 


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By Bukola Ogunfemi & Samsideen Ajadi  

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