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To maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve the quality of life, eating healthy and staying fit are very important, and a lot of awareness has been raised about these two activities in recent times in Nigeria. However, there is one more activity that every woman should add to her list of health promotion activities, and that is a regular health check.

Getting regular health screening, especially as one gets older, helps to detect any potential problems early so that treatment can be commenced if necessary. If one has a family history or a known risk of developing any health condition, this helps for early detection. Regular screening also helps to guide other healthy practices like a good diet and exercise, for example a raised cholesterol level can be a pointer to lower fat intake, and a raised BMI can indicate the need for more exercise.

Many have expressed the opinion that perhaps it is better not to check, for fear of discovering that there is actually something wrong. However, in most cases it is easier to prevent a problem than cure it, and in all cases it is easier to provide a cure at an early stage rather than at an advanced stage.

At South Shore, we offer a comprehensive wellwoman screening package which covers the basics for a general health check.

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