What Our Patients Are Saying

The nurses are awesome, they always have a smile and they made me feel at home, they are professional too. The doctors are polite and friendly. Thank you all for the professional service and care provided.


The nurses were really helpful, cheerful in carrying out their duties. They were instrumental to my quick recovery.
I am happy I had my surgery here.


My experience here has been a wonderful one, I feel so much at home. Every question asked was given answers to, it was like getting educated all over again.


Very happy with how the hospital is run, the staff are very friendly and dedicated and this definitely helped in my speedy recovery and I will definitely be telling the world about what you all did for me. Thanks.


This is a very good initiative to help Nigeria conserve forex presently expended on medical tourism.


The nurses changed my perspective about nurses (I have never had it this great with Nigerian nurses). I was satisfied with everything although I believe SSWCH can compete with international standards and they have proven that to me and my family.


I was referred to you in Lagos by my Gynaecologist. Apparently, he found that I have a type of fibroid called submucous fibroid, fibroids in the cavity of my womb where the baby stays. I called the clinic and arrange my appointment

The staff was friendly and professional in their approach. I came to Lagos for the surgery and it was done as a day case ( i was discharged the day of the surgery). the procedure was done easily by a camera inside my womb with no cut on my tummy. I eventually went for my IVF and it was successful.
I understand there is no other hospital around that offer this procedure as effectively as SSWC.
Thank you, Dr. Alabi for your work.


I have seen many doctors for pelvic pain since my last caesarean section and they all have not been able to find the reason for my pain.

luckily a friend referred me to Dr. Alabi and within a few minutes of the consultation, he had told me I possibly have a condition called Pelvic adhesions. I went for a procedure called Laparoscopy. It is a keyhole surgery and the adhesions were removed and I was discharged home the same day.
Since the surgery, I have not experienced the pain again.
Thank you, Dr. Alabi for giving me my life back.


I had multiple fibroids and was scared to undergo any surgery due to the increased mortality with the surgery in Nigeria

I was referred to Dr. Alabi. We had a lengthy discussion in which he answered all my questions and reassured me immensely.
He was very detailed in his explanation about how he performs surgery. He was not in a hurry about time and he managed to convince me that I could perform the surgery safely.
I had Open Myomectomy and was discharged the fourth day. I returned to work in two weeks although he told me it sometimes take about four weeks.
Thank you, doc.