Obstetrics - South Shore Women's and Children's Hospital



We provide comprehensive obstetrics, antenatal care for women, from pre-conception to antenatal and postnatal care. We competently manage both low-risk and high-risk pregnancies, with a detailed process for ensuring that every patient is adequately screened for possible risk factors and potential complications, based on individual cases.

Our antenatal classes are an interesting forum where mothers-to-be are educated on various topics covering pregnancy, childbirth, newborn care, and the post-delivery period. The classes are interactive and involve teaching sessions, in-depth discussions, and sharing of experiences, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Full support is given to all our mothers for delivery with detailed explanations of the delivery options available to her, and the process. We work to ensure that the process is safe and comfortable for the mother, we have epidural services available during labour, and our Paediatrician is present for every delivery to look after the baby.

We offer 24 hours emergency service.