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For the management of infertility, Southshore offers firstly a Specialist consultation (including an ultrasound scan) during which a determination is made about the possible cause(s). Sometimes the initial visit provides sufficient information and a diagnosis is made, and sometimes there is a need to proceed to other laboratory or radiologic investigations, or a diagnostic hysteroscopy before a conclusion can be reached. Once this is done, the findings of the results, and subsequently the best management option(s) is/are outlined and explained carefully, the clients are carried along and actively involved in outlining the treatment plan.

We offer primary and secondary levels of infertility treatment, which includes medical management, ovulation induction, and follicular tracking. We also offer minimally invasive surgeries for treatment of fibroids, polyps, intrauterine adhesions, endometriosis, and PCOS.

We are also a referral centre

for various fertility clinics in Lagos and also outside Lagos, to perform minimally invasive and open surgeries for clients who are preparing to undergo an IVF cycle.

Our team consists of professionals who have been well trained in Southshore’s culture of excellence, efficiency, and empathy, to ensure that every patient receives safe a seamless care within our warm and friendly environment.

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